Polycarbonate Hallow Sheet (PC Multiwall)


Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet is a nontoxic and transparent product with heat resistant, impact resistance, high light transmission, and fireproof features. The easy installation feature of PC Hollow Sheet also can be used wildly in construction, decoration, carpark, Lawns and Agriculture. We can make widest hollow sheets with UV coating, the anti-UV effect can protect the sheet well, applying high technique co-extrusion.


·        Impact Strength: 
The impact strength of PC Hollow Sheet is 200 times that of glass, and the impact strength of PC Hollow Sheet is 80 times that of glass.

·        Light Weight:
The weight of PC Hollow Sheet is only about half of glass, and the weight of hollow PC sheet is only about 1/12 at the same thickness.

·        Transparency:
The light transmission of 6mm hollow PC sheet is 80%.

·        UV-protection:
PC sheet is co-extruded with a high-density ultra violet ray absorbent to fight against ultra violet ray, it can prevent discolouring and frailness.

·        Weather Resistance:
PC Hollow/ pcsheet have good weather ability, it can maintain excellent properties in a wide temperature range from -40 Degree C to +120 Degree C.

·        Sound Insulation:
The polycarbonate resin offer significant advantage to the sound insulation and it can be used in soundproof.

·        Easy Installation:
PC Hollow Sheet is possible to construct curved roofs and windows and can be bent while hot or cold.


·        General construction material process

·        Skylights of skyscrapers, department stores, gyms, fast food restaurants, churches, and hospitals

·        Arch skylights of parking lots, shopping malls, airports, swimming pools, supermarkets, and courtyards

·        Reception rooms, usher offices, jewellery stores, gas stations, booths, clock and watch stores, display windows

·        Construction of Green House and Ploy House for Agriculture Vegetable Garden

·        Play Ground,  Roof of Swimming Pool, Partitions s, Interior, Various kinds of compartments, Sub Way Stations, terminal Roof, Shopping Centre, Roof of Convention Market, Various kinds of connected routes, Canopy- advertising Panel and  Display

·        Soundproof facilities of freeways, MRTs, and overpasses

·        Heat-resistant sheets of greenhouses, factories, garages

·        Bulletin boards, shop sings, and indicators

·        Ceilings, light and lamp covers, shower stall doors, and skylights of offices


Sizes Available:

1.22 mtr x 11.8 mtr

2.1  mtr  x 11.8 mtr


 6.0 mm 8.00 mm 10.0 mm 16.00 mm

·        Colour: 

      Clear, Opal White ( Silver / Metal Grey),Green, Bronze, Blue ( Transparent)   


Price Mentioned is Indicative Price Only. GST 18% extra on the Price quoted. For Accurate PRICE, with your requirement  of  Size, Thickness and Quantity Please Call us or send inquiry to sales@acrypoly.com

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Poly carbonate Hollow Sheets Multi wall

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