Delivery Information


Shipping & Delivery
shipping method for all orders are discussed and finalised with the customer, that matches its final package size. Any questions regarding the shipping methods should be directed to Prakash Acrylics Pvt. advance to prevent any delays. Freight charges are to be paid in accordance and actuals.

Once an order has shipped, the ground transit time is based on the delivery location. All ground transit times, whether small package or freight, are estimated and not guaranteed. If the customer requires their order by a specific date or deadline, Prakash Acrylics Pvt. Ltd. must be notified in writing in advance.

Order Issues/Damages
Prakash Acrylics Pvt. Ltd. makes every effort to package and ship quality material that satisfies the needs of each individual.
When shipping on your own account you assume all responsibility for the shipment including but not limiting to bearing the cost of freight/shipping charges, owning goods in transit and files any damage or loss claims (if any).


If your order requires cutting, it is a custom order. The minimum cutting charge must be added to your order to proceed without delay. Custom orders may not be cancelled or returned after the material has been cut.

Nominal Sizing Increments
Plastic sheet, rod, and tube are produced in a variety of standard stock sizes. Prakash Acrylics Pvt. Ltd. offers incremental pieces from these standard stock sizes using a cutting process. The saw blade path removes 0.200" of material from the increment you purchase. For example, we list an increment as being 12" x 12" and after cutting the size may be 11.80" x 11.80". Another example would be a 48" x 48" - it may be 48" x 47.80" after cutting. Rod and tube may also be 0.200" less due to the cutting process.

When you enter a cutting list for us, we cut to those exact dimensions. Please remember to allow for the saw blade path in calculating the yield you need.

Delivery Information